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About Lakeside

Lakeside manufacturing invented the first stainless steel utility cart. For 75 years they’ve been  providing custom and modified solutions for a variety of industries. They sought to make their campaigns more engaging, but they knew it would require more technical ingenuity. They needed some help defining their market segments and creating an engagement framework that could apply to a variety of campaign types.

The Challenge:

Craft messaging, develop a MarTech stack, and track ROI in a reliable way for new marketing campaigns.

Lakeside needed to specifically talk to leads with different job titles and responsibilities, so crafting the ideal message would improve lead generation efforts significantly.

By focusing on their strategy, GNW Consulting was able to identify the tools and integrations Lakeside needed to achieve results without worrying about compatibility. Part of building their Martech stack included building a dashboard that reported everything Lakeside needed to determine how their campaigns are performing. Lakeside needed to track ROI in a reliable way, so making sure their sales team was getting timely, accurate information was an important piece of our collaboration.

We set our intentions with GNW, make sure we’re all on the same page with the plan, pace, and timing of campaign launches as well as who reviews what content when. I know everything is working in the background as it should because we’ve built that trust and streamlined form of communication.

Jessie Duford
Marketing Manager, Lakeside Manufacturing

The Solution:

Creating a seemless end-to-end campaign process

With lead generation being at the heart of their business, it was essential for Lakeside to leverage the power of their CRM every step of the way, with our guidance they were able to really put their money and time into campaigns that really resulted in business growth.

By working with GNW Consulting, they were able to successful launch the type of campaign that included all of the technical backend pieces that they needed without losing sight of their big picture goals and spurring engagement to eventually convert prospects into qualified leads.

We’ve had a great time evolving with GNW. They are an extension of our Lakeside marketing team. They’re fun, they’re trustworthy, they’re consistent, and they’ve got a huge amount of knowledge that they willingly share and help us to grow.
Jessie Duford
Marketing Manager, Lakeside Manufacturing

Our Process

Successful campaigns and unlocked potential

We helped Lakeside find their campaign groove and determine what cadence and process they needed to achieve the results they were after. From creating a seamless end-to-end campaign process, to providing the right copywriting assets, our relationship with Lakeside has allowed us to help them leverage Marketo to its full extent. 

From a high-level, we helped Lakeside refine their digital marketing strategy to help them launch a successful, fun sweepstakes campaign for K12 food service directors. Their vast success and responsiveness from this campaign showed them the full unlocked potential of leveraging the power of their new Martech ecosystem.

“We’ve absolutely made the right decision in working with GNW as our digital marketing partner, and really building out our campaigns. We’ve gone from being in this baby phase of not really having any digital campaigns, to this adolescent stage where we’re having more fun, we’re testing, we’ve got a good cadence going with our different types of campaigns.”

Jessie Duford
Marketing Manager, Lakeside Manufacturing

The Results:

A refined digital marketing strategy and a repeatable campaign process

Connecting the dots for Lakeside has allowed them to spend more time focusing on their messaging and campaign assets rather than technical setup. It’s also created a process that they can repeat again and again for all future campaigns.

GNW Consulting and Lakeside Manufacturing continue their partnership today. We’ve loved being able to serve as an extension of their marketing team and developing a close- knit partnership.

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