Revenue Analytics and Attribution

Dive Deeper into Your Data with Enriched Visibility

Understanding the true impact of Marketing and Sales comes down to understanding the data. Our goal is to provide insight into all the disparate data sources and combine that information into a functional data set that enables you to efficiently and effectively optimize your Marketing efforts.

The Role of Analysts

Ingesting Data Efficiently and Scalably

Analytics drives insights. However, becoming an analytics driven organization can be challenging. Businesses struggle with turning data into actionable insights that drive business forward with a focus on hitting your goals.

Our Analytics and Attribution team is focused on helping comb through your different data sources and determining the optimal way to report on your data that is explainable, scalable, and drives efficiency.

We serve as a partner in removing the noise and confusion that helps our clients’ hit their reporting goals and key performance indicators.  

Here are the key functions and responsibilities that our clients look to GNW Analysts to drive:

System Audit

We review your tech stack to understand all sources of data and where the gaps exist. By reviewing your tools and identifying the gaps, we can make informed recommendations on how to clean, enrich, and align your data set.

Reporting Review

We dive into your current reporting process to better understand your key performance indicators (KPIs) and where the reports might be missing the mark. 

Advanced Analysis

Leveraging a BI platform can be the difference maker in capturing a more advanced analysis of your performance. We will establish an advanced reporting framework that is cross-functional and platform agnostic within your BI tool.

Analytics Dictionary

As our team works with you to develop your analytics foundation and your key reports, we will build your analytics “Rosetta Stone” to capture all the key components to your data structure.

Revenue Analytics Packages

1-3 Months

Analytics Essentials

4-6 Months

Operational Analytics

By leveraging our analytics and attribution experts, we are here to help establish standardization around your reporting and analytics. We focus on identifying the gaps within your data, understanding key data points, and building your analytics best practices. Through our understanding of standard data principles, you will be able to create an explainable, efficient, and scalable analytics practice.

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