Adobe Journey Optimizer

As a certified Adobe Partner, our marketing operations-focused agency brings diverse expertise and collaborates seamlessly to deliver outstanding results. 

Adobe Journey Optimizer Integration

We dive into your Journey Optimizer instance to help craft comprehensive marketing strategies and fine-tune campaigns for optimal performance and ROI. Leveraging data-driven analysis, we identify trends and provide actionable recommendations for continuous improvement of your overall use of Adobe Journey Optimizer.

How We Can Help:

Systems Assessment:

In order to understand what best practices make sense for you, first we have to understand your system. For each engagement we allocate time to understand your business, goals, and systems to ensure your dollars are being spent on optimizing the use of Adobe Journey Optimizer, and not paying someone to learn your business.

Marketing Operations as a Service (MOaaS)

Need someone that can quickly jump in and drive? Our “MOPs as a service” solution provides you with a certified consultant that can quickly take the reins of your Marketing Automation Platform, CRM, Project Management system (yes Jira as well) and anything MarTech related! We can pull reports across platforms, and even help with monthly or quarterly reports. Learn more about our (MOaaS).

Implementation / Redeployment:

Are you implementing a new Journey Optimizer instance? Maybe you’re inheriting a Journey Optimizer instance and are unsure why things were set up the way they were? Our team can help quickly streamline the implementation process and get you up and running faster or help with redeployment based on the new business goals you have.

Migration Services:

Are you asking yourself questions like:

  • What can be migrated?
  • How do we handle landing page redirects?
  • Does activity transfer over?
  • What’s the best way to preserve data, but optimize for the new platform?
  • How do campaigns translate over into the new system?

All of these questions are what we’ve helped hundreds of companies answer and execute on. We can handle the migration and support your team through it all!

Advanced Analytics / Training:

What’s engagement without reporting? We not only provide and pull the standard reports, we take it one step further and also help you use your data in your strategies. Additionally, we provide a custom level of training for your team, so they know exactly how and why everything is set up!

CRM Integration:

A seamless integration between marketing automation and your CRM is essential to achieve a unified and efficient marketing and sales process. Having an integration with CRM allows us to effectively nurture leads, personalize communications, and track the entire customer journey. It eliminates data silos, enhances lead management, and improves communication between marketing and sales teams.

This is why GNW specializes in working with both Marketing and CRM teams regardless of CRM. Salesforce, Dynamics, Zoho, Netsuite, Infor, Personify and everything in between. We help ensure that improper dataflow and sync aren’t impacting your marketing efforts.

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