Account Based Marketing

Successful ABM Implementation

At GNW Consulting, we’ve helped companies successfully implement account-based marketing (ABM) strategies. We understand that ABM requires careful planning, coordination, and execution.

Defining ABM Goals

We work closely with our clients to define their ABM goals. By identifying key target accounts and aligning them with overall marketing and sales strategies, we ensure that the ABM initiative is set up for success. We help establish measurable goals that align with increased revenue, higher customer retention, and/or improved cross-selling opportunities.

Aligning Sales and Marketing Teams

We foster collaboration and alignment between sales and marketing teams, recognizing that ABM requires a joint effort. We facilitate communication channels and planning sessions to ensure both teams are working together towards ABM success. By aligning efforts, we create a shared understanding of goals, target accounts, and strategies.

Identifying Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs)

Our team helps develop detailed ICPs by analyzing existing customer data and gaining insights. We identify common characteristics, pain points, and needs of target accounts. This information guides the account selection process and enables the creation of personalized messaging.

Selecting Target Accounts

We assist in selecting a manageable number of high-value target accounts based on the defined ICPs. By considering factors such as revenue potential, strategic fit, and growth opportunities, we collaborate with clients to prioritize accounts and ensure alignment with their account strategies.

Research and Account Intelligence

Our team conducts thorough research on target accounts to gather account-specific information. We help clients understand the business goals, industry trends, challenges, and key decision-makers of their target accounts. By leveraging internal and external data sources, we provide valuable insights that inform messaging and engagement strategies.

Crafting Personalized Messaging and Content

We work with clients to craft personalized messaging and content tailored to the specific needs and pain points of each target account. We develop account-specific campaigns that resonate with decision-makers and influencers within the organization. Our expertise lies in creating personalized content formats, such as case studies, ROI analyses, and industry-specific insights that highlight the client’s value proposition.

Measuring and Optimizing

We streamline campaign processes through automation and scalability. Our marketing operations team develops standardized templates, workflows, and campaign playbooks to enable efficient execution, reduce manual work, and ensure consistency across campaigns.

Iterating and Scaling

We encourage clients to learn from each ABM campaign iteration and apply those learnings to subsequent campaigns. As clients gain experience and success, we support them in scaling their ABM efforts to target more accounts and expand their reach. We emphasize the importance of iterating, optimizing, and adapting strategies based on market dynamics, account feedback, and changing business objectives.

At GNW Consulting, our marketing operations consultants play a pivotal role in ABM implementation. We manage data and integrate technology to support personalized campaigns. Collaborating closely with sales teams, we define ICPs and utilize accurate data for precise targeting. We align marketing technology infrastructure by integrating CRM and automation platforms, enabling effective account tracking and personalized content delivery. By focusing on data management, technology integration, and collaboration with sales, our team creates ABM strategies to drive engagement and enhance campaign effectiveness.