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Ensure a Successful Relaunch of Your MarTech Solutions

Have you had an instance or inherited an instance? If you’re struggling to find out what’s the best approach to take over an existing instance (scrap the entire thing or make small iterations based on new business goals) a relaunch would be ideal!

Advance Planning is Key to Optimizing Your MarTech Stack

Relaunching a MarTech solution requires careful planning and execution to ensure a successful and impactful relaunch. We’ll define your goals, evaluate your existing setup, and complete the changes with thorough communication and testing.

Here are our steps for a successful relaunch:

Step 1
Define Goals
First, we need to define our relaunch goals. We will collectively determine what we want to achieve with the MarTech relaunch, such as improving lead generation or enhancing campaign effectiveness. Having clear objectives will guide our relaunch strategy.
Step 2
Evaluate the Current Setup
We'll closely assess the existing MarTech setup together. We will evaluate the campaigns, workflows, and data to identify areas that need improvement or optimization. This analysis will help us determine the necessary updates and changes for the relaunch.
Step 3
Develop a Relaunch Plan
As a team, we'll create a detailed plan outlining the steps and timeline for the MarTech relaunch. We will identify the tasks we need to accomplish and set realistic deadlines. This collaborative effort will ensure a well-organized and successful relaunch.
Step 4
Update and Enhance
Based on our evaluation, we will collectively make the necessary updates and enhancements to our MarTech setup. This may involve refining lead scoring models, cleaning up data, improving email templates, or integrating new tools. Our focus will be on aligning MarTech with our relaunch goals.
Step 5
Test and Verify
Before relaunching, we will collectively conduct thorough testing of the MarTech setup to ensure everything is working smoothly. We will test campaigns, workflows, data integration, and tracking. This collaborative effort will help us identify and fix any issues or bugs before the relaunch.
Step 6
Communicate and Educate
As a team, we will communicate the changes and updates to team members. We will provide clear instructions on any new features or processes they need to be aware of. Additionally, we will offer training and resources to ensure everyone can effectively utilize your MarTech setup after the relaunch.
Step 7
Gradual Rollout
We'll consider a gradual rollout of the relaunched MarTech setup. Starting with a smaller group of users or selected campaigns will allow us to monitor performance and gather feedback. This collective approach enables adjustments and improvements before a full-scale relaunch.
Step 8
Monitor and Refine
Once the relaunch is live, we will collectively monitor the performance of the MarTech campaigns and workflows. We'll analyze data and gather feedback from users. Together, we can use this information to refine and optimize our MarTech setup for better results.

How Long Will My Relaunch Take?

Timelines are something that we get asked about a lot. However, timelines are determined by the complexity of the current setup. All of our engagements come with a system assessment that is included. This helps us understand the current setup and spend money and resources on the actual work itself. We work together to create a timeline that makes sense for all stakeholders.

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