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With over 15 years of individual experience and over 30 years of combined experiences, our consultants have a deep understanding in the marketing technology space.

A few companies we've helped

We’ve helped over 600 clients with MA and CRM implementation and integration and delivered over 5,000 hours of custom user training. Our efforts have increased adoption rates of new mar-tech by 85% and increased SQL conversion rates by up to 25%. 

Discover how drift improved productivity and increased MOPs by 40% by partnering with GNW Consulting.
See how we partnered with Lakeside Manufacturing to build a fully integrated campaign ecosystem and create a strategic, goal-driven digital campaign.

Download the case study to see how we helped fill their staffing gaps to increase their conversion rate by 1150%.

By leveraging templates, segmentation, targeted messaging, and training sessions, we optimized UCI’s Marketo and SalesForce and increased revenue by $10M.
Discover how we leveraged our Marketo Engage Advanced Expertise to help Altisource technically execute a virtual event from start to finish in just 30 days, all within Marketo.

"Increasing our bottom line"

GNW Consulting’s extensive knowledge and support for Marketo, Salesforce and many other platforms is invaluable to our daily operations. With their guidance, we have developed best practices to leverage marketing automation to increase efficiencies and increase our bottom line. I have and will continue to recommend them throughout my network.

Michelle Summers
Strategic Marketing Manager
UCI Division of Continuing Education

"They focus on the technical details"

Victoria and the team at GNW allow our team to focus on creative and messaging while they focus on the technical details and provide the Marketo expertise that we just don't have in-house. We've also had access to their SalesForce expert to chat with our IT team on opportunities to increase data integrity. We would not be operating at the level we are without their support!

Carla Wertz
Director of Marketing

"Boosted conversion by 1,150%"

Our Marketing Operations were very cumbersome and messy… There were a lot of inherited processes that we had to audit and then flip to ensure we could find all of the errors across data inconsistencies and to increase our target audience.

Christie Koester
Director of Marketing & Communications
John Henry Foster

"An extension of our marketing team"

We've had a great time evolving with GNW. They are an extension of our Lakeside marketing team. They're fun, they're trustworthy, they're consistent and they've got a huge amount of knowledge that they willingly share and help us to grow.

Jessie Duford
Marketing Manager
Lakeside Manufacturing

"Set me up for success"

When I started my new role as lifecycle manager, GNW Consulting, gave me a wealth of knowledge, documents, and data to set me up for success. GNW also provided me with helpful feedback and encouragement to think creatively, and those lessons stay with me today. I'm glad I trusted GNW.

Jasmine Jones
Lifecycle Manager
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