MarTech Custom Integrations

Streamline Your Workflows with Custom Solutions

Didn’t purchase Salesforce or Dynamics? NO PROBLEM!
One of our favorite projects is doing custom MarTech Integrations.

Connect and Automate Your Marketing Platforms

We’ve helped companies that use a homegrown system or a data warehouse, connect into various marketing automation platforms. By integrating systems we’ve helped companies streamline workflows and eliminate the need for manual data transfer or duplication.

We help integrate third party ETL tools like:, Informatica, Vertify, Boomi, Power Bi, and TIBCO.

Leverage Your Data For Success

With synchronized data, you can leverage information from your CRM to create targeted segments and enable more precise audience targeting and personalized messaging, resulting in higher engagement and conversion rates.

By connecting systems and streamlining processes, we centralize customer data, enable effective segmentation and personalized campaigns.

Timely Metrics Lead to Better Decisions

Real-time data synchronization has provided clients with up-to-date campaign metrics for timely decision-making and optimized strategies. Integration of CRM and Marketing Automation allows our clients to make data-driven decisions, enhance customer engagement, and drive better results from their marketing initiatives.

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