How We Helped Altisource Leveraged Marketo to Host a 2,500-person Virtual Event in Less than 30 Days


Total Event Registrants


Average Attendance Rate


Qualified Leads Post-Event

About Altisource

Altisource is a leader in providing services and technology for the mortgage and real estate industries. With innovation as a guiding principle and a focus on compliance and exceptional service, Altisource provides end-to-end solutions in origination and servicing, and offers online real estate platforms for consumers and investors.


The Challenge:

Organize a virtual event in just 30 days

When it comes to providing cutting-edge solutions for the mortgage and real estate
industries, Altisource is a pioneer in innovation.

COVID-19 presented a great challenge for businesses, especially those facing major
operational challenges in the mortgage and real estate industries that function on
face-to-face contact. With the advent of the outbreak, businesses needed to improvise
quickly, adapt and overcome the challenges at hand.

Altisource needed to provide vital and timely information on maintaining service stability
and client commitment to everyone involved in the mortgage and real estate industries.
This need for quick, reliable information resulted in the creation of the Mortgage Industry
Pandemic Summit (MIPS.)
Hosting in-person summits and events wasn’t unconventional,
but moving everything online was.

MIPS would be the first event of its kind and Altisource wanted to be the first to hold a
large-scale conference digitally with just 30 days to prepare.

Planning for the event began the last week of March and was scheduled to be held May 6, 2020. The agenda covered everything from the current state of the mortgage industry to insightful roundtable discussions and even a lunch break with food partners delivering food straight to the attendee’s door.

An event of this type required meticulous orchestration and in-depth knowledge of their existing mar-tech stack to ensure one of the biggest challenges could be overcome:
Get people to commit to attending an all-day virtual summit.

With the advent of COVID-19, everyone was shifting their live events to virtual for obvious reasons. We wanted to be first out of the gate with this, so we put something together in record time. An event for 2,500 people, a full microsite, and massive customization in less than 30 days. This was an amazing accomplishment and it couldn’t have been done without GNW Consulting.
Robert K. Smithline
Cheif Marketing Officer

The Solution:

Digitize an In-Person Experience Online

Altisource partnered with GNW Consulting to leverage existing Marketo functionality and achieve the results they sought after. They couldn’t afford to lose time onboarding and learning a new system, so they needed to accomplish this without purchasing additional tools or integrations. Everything had to be done in Marketo.

“We realized that most people were not going to attend the full day right away. So, we wanted to track what people were attending, what they weren’t, and what sessions were most popular. We wanted granular tracking and reporting for every individual session.” adds Robert.

Working exclusively within their Marketo instance was part of the challenge. GNW Consulting collaborated with Enrico de Leon, Jr. Senior Associate, Digital Marketing at Altisource on the execution of the event’s marketing initiatives.

This series of event email communication culminated with a “day of” event reminder email entitled: “Your registration badge is enclosed.”

To further push the live event experience, this email featured a custom-built template with an image of registration badge that featured the registrant’s name, company and title.

“I was impressed with the build because I had recently built a similar type of program and understand its demands. The ability to address all of the complexities of the event with sophistication AND timeliness was genius! Velocity scripting had not been utilized by a majority of groups I’ve worked with…using velocity scripting really shows the expertise. You won’t find that type of talent with other consultants.”
Enrico de Leon, Jr.
Marketing & Communications Manager

Our Process:

To ensure virtual event attendance, Altisource needed total control of email communication with all 2,500 registrants. Each email they received needed to include information for the events they specifically assigned up for. By creating custom email scripting within Marketo, GNW Consulting was able to include all registration data and create confirmation emails that included:


Links to sessions they signed up for


The option to learn more about each session


Ability to register for sessions they previously weren’t registered for

Post-Event Lead Generation

GNW Consulting’s post-event contribution was integral. By leveraging all of Marketo’s features like email and landing page personalization and segmentation, they were not only able to achieve complete tracking of event attendance, registrations and the ability to generate leads after the event.

To achieve this, GNW Consulting created a custom landing page template with tabs featuring all 6 sessions, eliminating the need for endless scrolling. Within each tab, post-event registrants were able to access videos of the sessions, additional details and PowerPoint deck downloads. 

GNW Consulting used some new tools in form customization that allowed us to have visibility into what sessions people registered for and the ability to closely track what sessions were full, which had more room and which had the most attendance overall. This was invaluable in our event post-mortem.
Robert K. Smithline
Cheif Marketing Officer

The Results:

A Successful Virtual Mortgage Event

GNW Consulting ensured significant time and cost savings, by being able to dive deep into Altisource’s Marketo instance to leverage a single platform without skipping a beat and delivering far-out customization within 24 hours of conception.

The impressive virtual event execution led to interest from fellow event partners to duplicate all the functionality and format for events of their own including Lenders One. Additionally, Altisource will be hosting “MIPS v2” in November 2020.


GNW Consulting helped Altisource be the first in their industry to host an all-virtual MIPS summit for 2,500 registrants


Throughout the day of the event, the average attendance rate remained at a steady rate of 68% as a result of the creation of new program templates, personalization and segmentation efforts


The creation of a unique landing page template resulted in 612 additional registrants after the event

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