Lead Lifecycle

Use Your Lead Lifecycle to Better Engage Prospects When we talk about lead lifecycle, we want to understand the key stages or moments when we can leverage tools like marketing automation and CRM to engage our prospects. Companies have traditionally defined a lead lifecycle model in stages. In the past, businesses have simply identified and …

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Lead Scoring

Use Lead Scoring to Refine Timing of Sales and Marketing Outreach Timing is a critical factor when it comes to identifying qualified leads and nurturing these leads successfully through the buying cycle. You don’t want to overwhelm customers or scare prospects away by coming on too strong or too early, so you need ways of …

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Need Vs Want

Differentiating Between Need vs. Want In this digital age, we are often drawn into new trends and the “next” technology that’s going to boost our business up a level. It’s easy to forget in the rush of our desire to stay ahead of the curve or “evolve” some aspect of the business, that we need …

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