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Marketing Operations (MOps) is the backbone of a company’s marketing efforts, ensuring efficiency, alignment, and scalability. It encompasses the processes, technology, and data that drive marketing activities, from planning and execution to analysis and optimization.

By streamlining workflows, integrating systems, and harnessing data insights, we empower teams to maximize their impact and drive business growth.

Marketing Team Sales Meeting

Marketing Under Pressure

In recent years, the role of marketing has increasingly come under scrutiny regarding its ability to demonstrate tangible returns on investment (ROI) and directly contribute to revenue generation. 

Marketing departments are being asked to adopt a more data-driven and results-oriented approach, where success is measured not just by creative output or brand metrics dubbed ‘vanity metrics,’ but by the direct impact on revenue and business growth. This shift necessitates a culture of continuous improvement, experimentation, and optimization to ensure that marketing resources are allocated effectively and deliver measurable results.

Strategic Marketing:
Driving Revenue, Proving Value

With the impact on marketing budgets, resourcing marketers have to adopt strategic approaches to effectively address this demand. We have to be able to align marketing objectives with:

Marketers can demonstrate the direct impact of their efforts on revenue generation and prove the value of marketing as a strategic driver of business success.

Revenue Operations (RevOps) Framework

GNW Revenue Operations Framework

The framework is designed to visually demonstrate the impact that marketing operations have across each of the key departments responsible for making a company profitable. It outlines what marketing operations directly control, what they indirectly affect, and how they support customers and products.

We also walk through how this impacts the macro environment of a company’s go-to-market strategy, as well as the investors or trends occurring outside of MOps’ control.

Marketing budgets are taking a hard hit. It’s worth noting that cuts to marketing budgets can have long-term consequences, including loss of market share, weakened brand perception, and reduced customer engagement. So, it’s equally important for companies to carefully evaluate the potential impact of budget reductions on their overall business performance and strategic objectives.

This is where the framework helps to outline what the impact potentially could be by addressing the macro and micro factors that contribute to a company’s overall success.

The GNW Difference

What sets consulting agencies apart is primarily their knowledge, with experience being the vital ingredient that shapes a comprehensive agency.  

At GNW, we take great pride in our extensive expertise in operations and technology developed over time. By merging strategic insights with technological proficiency, we offer a versatile approach to both planning and execution. This versatility positions us as the leading partner for all marketing operations needs.

Truly Tech-Agnostic

With thousands of technologies hitting the market each year, the importance of being tech-agnostic cannot be overstated.

As avid tech enthusiasts, we’ve explored every platform with enthusiasm, never backing down from a challenge. Our dedication to keeping pace with emerging innovations ensures we’re always ahead of the curve.

Don't Take Our Word For It

"Boosted conversion by 1,150%"

Our Marketing Operations were very cumbersome and messy… There were a lot of inherited processes that we had to audit and then flip to ensure we could find all of the errors across data inconsistencies and to increase our target audience. Now we can determine what the customer is interested in in a shorter amount of time versus a 12-month sales cycle. That’s HUGE in our industry.

Christie Koester
Director of Marketing & Communications
John Henry Foster

"Set me up for success"

When I started my new role as lifecycle manager, GNW Consulting, gave me a wealth of knowledge, documents, and data to set me up for success. GNW also provided me with helpful feedback and encouragement to think creatively, and those lessons stay with me today. I'm glad I trusted GNW.

Jasmine Jones
Lifecycle Manager

"Tackle complex projects with ease"

Our partners at GNW regularly help us tackle complex data projects, involving both our marketing automation platform and our CRM, with ease. It has allowed us to simplify our business processes, increase efficiencies, and develop sophisticated nurture campaigns that were once thought to be out of reach. They are tried and true experts that I’d recommend time and time again.

Lizzy Boyle
Alliant University

"Quick to respond"

Working with GNW for our Marketo implementation was amazing. Raja and his team are quick to respond to any questions. Their expertise in setting up everything from newsletter sign-ups to templates to governance made the experience much easier for our Marketing team. Their understanding of Salesforce CRM integration was vital to our success. The implementation went so well that we now have them on retainer!

Karen Mackenzie
San Francisco Jewish Federation

"Exeptional Marketing Operations knowledge"

What sets GNW's staff apart is their exceptional Marketing Operations Knowledge, which was evident in their strategic approach to our various projects. The team’s expertise in all aspects of Marketo and Salesforce not only met but exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend GNW Consulting for its top-notch service and skilled professionals.

Andy Menefee
Plan Member

"Increasing our bottom line"

GNW Consulting’s extensive knowledge and support for Marketo, Salesforce and many other platforms is invaluable to our daily operations. With their guidance, we have developed best practices to leverage marketing automation to increase efficiencies and increase our bottom line. I have and will continue to recommend them throughout my network.

Michelle Summers
Strategic Marketing Manager
UCI Division of Continuing Education

"They focus on the technical details"

Victoria and the team at GNW allow our team to focus on creative and messaging while they focus on the technical details and provide the Marketo expertise that we just don't have in-house. We've also had access to their SalesForce expert to chat with our IT team on opportunities to increase data integrity. We would not be operating at the level we are without their support!

Carla Wertz
Director of Marketing

An invaluable partner"

GNW has been wonderful to work with. In a situation where we had to get our marketing automation up and running quickly, GNW was by our side every step of the way, providing guidance and jumping in wherever we needed them, adapting to whatever curve balls were thrown. They were an invaluable partner in a successful system launch and continue to be an excellent sounding board when we have questions.

Keller B.
Marketing Manager
CEM Corporation

"An extension of our marketing team"

We've had a great time evolving with GNW. They are an extension of our Lakeside marketing team. They're fun, they're trustworthy, they're consistent and they've got a huge amount of knowledge that they willingly share and help us to grow.

Jessie Duford
Marketing Manager
Lakeside Manufacturing

"Experts on staff to help"

Working with GNW has been a great experience for our entire team. They’re able to simultaneously manage a number of our projects across different technology and platforms - and anytime we need support for something new they have an expert on staff who can help! Between their stellar service, incredibly talented team, and breadth of capabilities, GNW is the renaissance partner you want on your team.

Nikki Freeman

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