CRM Integration Support

Bridging the Gap Between Marketing and CRM

As a Marketing Operations Agency, we usually are not involved in CRM implementations only. We also play a crucial role in facilitating conversations between marketing teams and CRM teams. With our team of CRM admins in Salesforce and Dynamics, we typically collaborate with CRM teams to help translate marketing’s requests into technical requirements.

Coordinating Technical CRM Requirements and Marketing Objectives

Through creation of field mapping documents and technical design docs, we help marketing and CRM teams understand each other’s perspectives and find common ground. Our aim is to foster open and productive discussions, encouraging effective communication and collaboration between the two teams.

By creating a collaborative environment, we ensured that both teams have a voice in shaping the CRM strategy and implementation approach.

Our Expertise Creates Solutions

We bring industry-specific knowledge and best practices to the table. We provide insights on successful CRM to Marketing Automation implementations, and suggest the right strategies for optimizing CRM capabilities for marketing purposes. Our expertise helps identify potential challenges, mitigate risks, and guide the teams towards making informed decisions.

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