How We Helped Bandwidth Improve Operational Efficiency

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About Bandwidth

Bandwidth is a global cloud communications software company that helps enterprises deliver exceptional experiences through voice calling, text messaging and emergency services. Their award-winning support teams help businesses around the world solve complex communications challenges to reach anyone, anywhere.

The Challenge:

Streamlining Processes & Optimizing Campaigns

Bandwidth was looking to uplevel its Marketo operations to achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness. The team originally planned for a temporary solution, which they found in GNW Consulting and its high level expertise. But instead, they ended up forming a partnership that has lasted almost a year and spanned numerous aspects of their MarTech and marketing operations.

Not only did GNW fill important gaps and opportunities, but they’ve also proven their value so much that we’ve increased our work with them. What’s more, they’re just incredibly pleasant to work with.

Annie Steur

Senior Director of Growth Marketing at Bandwidth

The Solution:

High Level Expertise Turned Comprehensive Partnership

GNW has taken a broad and deep approach to helping Bandwidth with process improvement. For example, they recognized that the list upload process in Marketo was an important part of the company’s highly successful event and webinar program. So, they optimized how everything flows from a data perspective, and created a lot of efficiencies. This had a ripple effect across several areas of marketing operations.

For example, the Bandwidth team had data syncs for quite some time, but had never been able to pinpoint the root cause. When they began working with GNW and addressing the list upload process, this issue was brought to light. Together, they created data reports which helped them resolve this long-standing problem and ensure their inputs and outputs were optimized. This created a positive domino effect, in that the workflows which rely on the data were also improved.

Our team and their team have a wonderful working relationship, and we like and respect one another. We know that GNW will have our backs and help us achieve our goals, no matter what.

Annie Steur

Senior Director of Growth Marketing at Bandwidth

Our Process: Standing Up Marketo Measure

As their work together progressed, the companies turned their attention to attribution. GNW helped Bandwidth refine their current practices and consolidate rules so they could address some of their challenges in this area.

They furthermore assisted in getting Bizible ready to go live, which included:

  • An audit of the current setup
  • Identifying gaps in online and offline touchpoints
  • Removal of all legacy touchpoints
  • Creating processes to manage legacy data
  • Reorganizing all touchpoints and re-deploy Marketo Measure
  • Training the Bandwidth team to manage the platform and update

In addition, GNW helped the team consolidate their processes and simplify their automations. The firm also guided Bandwidth through each area of their marketing operations that could be optimized, giving them guidance on aspects including their nurture path rules, testing, internal education and more.

The Results:

Better Reporting, Results, and Growth

GNW worked with Bandwidth to improve their efficiencies across marketing operations and improve their marketing automation, including standing up Bizible. All of this has contributed to better reporting and results. Above all, the comprehensive work the two teams have done together has laid the groundwork for optimized operations that will fuel success, collaboration and growth.

When asked what benefits they’ve enjoyed the most from working with GNW, the Bandwidth team said that they’re saving time and eliminating frustration, thanks to the fact that their previous processes are now more streamlined. They also love the fact that they have experts to call on for anything related to marketing operations or MarTech, and that GNW is always willing and eager to help.

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