We Helped This Arkansas Medical Clinic Generate $180k in One Month


Free Consultations


New Patients


New Revenue in 4 Months

The Problem the Clinic Faced

With COVID-19 hitting a number of medical clinics across the country, our client’s ability to generate leads for in-person events was hit as well.

The target demographic fell into the same demographic being hit the hardest by the pandemic–traveling to an in-person seminar was no longer an option for many.

Low seminar attendance resulted in a hit to revenue. That’s when the medical clinic turned to us for a solution.

The Challenge:

Over-reliance on in-person events, meetings and live seminars to drive new leads to the Clinic

When COVID-19 hit the United States and we saw rolling restrictions go across the country, this medical practice needed to make a pivot.  

Their primary lead generation strategy for their Medical Clinic was to host live, in-person seminars in local cities and towns. With new restrictions, these in-person events became increasingly difficult to do.

On top of that, the target age range of their audience was also the most vulnerable age range for COVID-19. This meant that not only was the registration much lower, but attendance was hit badly as well. With an unknowable timeline on when restrictions would lift or when people would feel comfortable leaving their own, this medical practice was required to pivot to a new strategy.

This medical practice knew they had to figure out a way to reach their audience in their homes and drive free consultations to their office without the in-person seminars.

In one month we saw $180k of new revenue come in from webinars. Each month I pull all fo the reports for all of our marketing channels and we are so excited to see these numbers every month–I couldn’t be happier.
Marketing Manager

The Solution:

Transition from in-person live seminars to on-demand webinars with email follow-up

After speaking with the Doctor at the office, we learned about their volume before the pandemic, their current needs, and what their back office was capable of handling.  We worked to lay out a plan of attack to make their transition to an online lead funnel as seamless as possible.

While the solution for an online lead funnel sounded simple enough, there were a lot of moving parts. Here is what we helped them set up to execute on some of their goals:

  • Paid Advertising—After researching their competitors and learning more about their market, we set up a paid advertising campaign to drive traffic to the start of our lead funnel.

  • Landing Page—The start of the lead funnel was a custom landing page that we built out within a WordPress framework. The landing page was designed to capture the lead’s details and get them into the webinar.

  • On-demand Webinar–Using WebinarJam we built out an on-demand webinar that allowed users to register and attend whenever and wherever they were at. This approach allowed us to generate as many leads as possible and generate them on-demand.

  • Email marketing—Using Infusionsoft (also known as Keap) we set up robust email automation and Contact tagging to follow-up with webinar attendees and perform consistent outreach to our brand new leads coming into our system.
Within four months, we were able to help this medical practice transition from in-person seminars to on-demand webinars. Now that COVID-19 restrictions have been removed, they are able to do both the in-person and seminars while still driving traffic to their on-demand webinars.

Our Process:

Because in-person events were no longer an option, we adopted a web-based strategy that we used to:


Reach our customers right where they were at by setting up on-demand webinars and reach an even wider audience than previously


Test and optimize paid advertising to drive new prospective patients to register for our online seminars and split test to gauge the best performing ads


Set up follow-up email marketing automation to perform automatic outreach and drive free consultations

During the first 4 months working with them, we were able to help them drive over 400 free consultations which resulted in… 

Over 100 Brand New Patients in office getting treatment
Over $500k in New Revenue through paid advertising alone

We were able to help them generate $180k in new business with $5,046 in total Ad Spend in a single month.

The Results:

$1.2m In New Revenue with a Completely Automated Online Lead Funnel

At the start of working with this practice, they had a very early stage online funnel with a lot of holes and gaps in it. After working with their team, we were not only able to elevate their results, but drive growth in an area of their practice that they had never tapped into before.

Their staff has more time freed up to pursue new patients, the Doctor is relieved that he doesn’t have to do as many in-person live seminars to drive business to this portion of his business.

During a time of crisis, we were really blessed to work with the team at this Medical Clinic to revitalize this area of their business and elevate their entire practice overall.


Free Consultations


New Patients


New Revenue in 4 Months

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