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Uncover how we helped Marketing Cloud customers drive 20-30% in overall operational effienciecy and 76% ROI

Clients We've Helped:

Our Marketing Cloud Approach

When working with Marketing Cloud, GNW takes a strategy first approach, supported by our in-house technical expertise. This process allows us to understand each organization’s unique needs and identify gaps and areas of opportunities at the start of the project. 

Once we have a firm understanding of where the strategy will drive the project, our technical experts step in and guide the implementation and development of Data Extensions, SQL Automation, Journeys and other core features within the Marketing Cloud platform.

The Challenge:

Driving Profitable Omnichannel Experiences

Marketing Cloud’s core strength lies in its ability to allow for omnichannel experiences for users. We often find that the challenge is rooted in ineffective, legacy processes and disjointed technical solutions that lack a cohesive strategy. When platforms are not communicating well, or even communicating at all, time and resources are lost to inefficiencies and slow speed to market.

The Solution:

Technical Implementation Driven by Strategy

Our strategy-first approach allows us to leverage well-equipped technical resources, to help SFMC clients ramp up their omnichannel strategy and drive results that impact their bottom line in a meaningful, technically sound, way.

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in Operational Efficiency
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Speed to Market
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in Revenue Attribution

The Results:

Improved Processes,
Seamless Go-To-Market

Organizations that we work with who are leveraging Salesforce Marketing Cloud are seeing an average of 70-80% lift in operational efficiency, nearly 112% increase in speed for go-to-market campaigns, and huge impacts on bottom line revenue as a result. 

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