How Consulting Can Help You Improve Customer Experience

Great engagement does not always equal a ‘good customer experience.’ Focusing on ideal CX will require your business to leverage a few different tactics that can often be trial and error. Working with a consulting agency can help you focus on a strategy that aligns with the goals you want to achieve. Being able to understand what can have the most impact on your business is the first step, but to execute, you’ll need to have the right resources and technology in place to ensure your brand delivers an authentic experience both on and offline.

Within the past year, digital marketing technology and business strategies have had to quickly adapt. Evolving online behaviors and interactions over the past year have created a desperate need for companies to provide authentic experiences that resonate with all audiences. This lift has been a big ask for companies that aren’t prepared due to insufficient staffing, technology stack challenges, or knowledge gaps across internal teams.

However big these internal challenges may seem, it’s actually a perfect time to start partnering with an agency that can help you navigate the road toward success. Partnering with an agency that has seen these challenges across multiple businesses, can provide a quick solution to a new challenge.t. Here are some of the ways partnering with a consulting firm can help you in the long run.

Grow Your Knowledge & Gain Experience

The first thing on the benefits list to consider is knowledge and experience. As Murphy’s Law states, if something can go wrong, it will go wrong. An agency thrives in this environment because of multiple clients across various industries, so any new issues your team encounters would be something that an agency has already navigated and resolved. This can equip your teams with the tools, resources and support needed to quickly handle strategy needs without skipping a beat. 

Part of adaptability is adoptability. How easily can your company adopt new digital-first experiences, platforms and internal tools? Are ideas fresh, is your creative pulling audiences in? Are you focusing on adapting new processes and campaigns that help bring new perspectives into the mix? Settling for slow-moving internal manual processes will slow you down when it comes to making a pivot or finding the right skills for the job. There’s ‘power in the pivot’ and planning for worst-case scenarios can’t always prepare you for evolution.

GNW Consulting hosts personalized training sessions to help ensure your team is leveraging all tips and tricks within Marketo. By keeping your team skills sharp and knowledge base growing, you can ensure adaptability isn’t an obstacle.

Adaptability isn’t exclusive to your team. Your business needs to be readily able to adapt and continue its own digital transformation as needed. This requires you to stay ahead of your competition every step of the way. Customers will always gravitate toward better experiences when given the opportunity, so focusing on building an exciting customer experience in addition to delighting your prospects is an adaptability feat in itself. Having an agency on your side can help you avoid major roadblocks on your path to an ideal CX.

With new marketing technology paving the way for new companies, always assume competition is stiff and merely a click away. Keeping a close pulse on your industry competitors and challenging your teams to come up with new, exciting ways to adapt is all part of the process. Remember, not every idea will be a home run, but if you prioritize the customer experience, take the time to delight and engage them with your content, and work with a knowledgeable partner, you’ll be ahead in no time.

Prioritize Customer Journeys, Start To Finish

Does your customer journey prioritize an empathy-first approach?. Empathy within email marketing goes a long way in connecting with your audience. Navigating uncertainty can be tough, but understanding what feelings influence decisions and trust are important to the customer journey. An agency can serve as the ideal third party to ensure your marketing activities align with an empathetic customer journey. The benefit of partnering with an established agency is that we’ve built hundreds of customer journeys and re-built them over time. We know the ins and outs, and how to navigate the customer from start to finish.

True empathy within decision-making directly affects how an experience continues to evolve. Understanding new struggles and how your brand aligns with the consumer across every journey touchpoint will allow you to reinforce trust. 

When problems arise, your teams need to be prepared to pivot and switch directions. It’s important to also handle every situation with as much empathy as possible. The way you care about and communicate can help you rethink customer experiences, create new content and help increase overall engagement. To ensure a great customer experience, you need to remove yourself from a sales-first mentality and put your customer, client and prospect relationships first.

Equip Your Teams with Resources

Creating an environment that supports employee growth is a key element needed to improve customer experience. Partnering with resources that have the knowledge to quickly answer questions and find solutions can prepare your team for growth and alleviate unnecessary stress.

A good agency will become an additional resource for your company, they can help you increase the efficiency and capacity of your staff.  A marketing automation partner can help: 

  • Alleviate day-to-day tasks
  • Help your team free up time to focus on strategy
  • Act like an extension of your team
  • Provide best practices learned across multiple clients
  • Improve turn around times for project completion

Having extra hands will without a doubt improve the customer experience for the long haul and ensure you deliver on the key elements that make a brand customer-centric.

Being customer-centric is all about establishing flexible processes and putting modern leadership to the test. It’s crucial to align your outlook as a business to the day-to-day concerns of your customers.


Businesses today have so much to overcome. The modern business approach needs to be people-centric and at the core of it all is the customer experience. Working with an agency can help you focus on the most important aspects of your business and enable steady growth while ensuring your internal mar-tech stack is optimized and functioning flawlessly. Your team will be empowered and gain confidence in their own skillset and a partner can even help them get certified! 

Any company can put out a good product, but being able to provide an unbeatable experience will set you apart for years to come. Businesses need to focus on creating experiences, establishing authentic business relationships in a B2E world, and doing away with the B2C mindset driven by a hunger to make a sale and move on.

Ready to Find Your Consulting Partner?

The first order of business is usually equipping your teams with the ability to be nimble and adaptable. We’ve worked with businesses of all sizes to train and prepare them on the tools they need to pivot on a dime. By hosting training boot camps and developing best practices around automated program templates in Marketo, we can help ensure you’re not being reactive, but focusing on building a true brand experience. Let’s partner today to take your business to the next level and beyond.