Maximize Your Martech Investment

Just about all of us know someone who has purchased the latest smartphone and uses it only for phone calls, texting, GPS and checking the weather. Or invested in a high-powered computer to word process and browse the internet. Today’s fast-paced technology often outpaces the average person’s need or ability to use it.

The same thing is happening in the MarTech world today. According to Econsultancy, about 64 percent of companies have invested in martech solutions but don’t have the people power to use all the capabilities effectively. It’s the equivalent to buying marketing automation (MA) and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions to only conduct email blasts and list-based cold sales calls.

That means most companies out there have left tremendous opportunities on the table while investing in powerful technology that essentially sits on the shelf. Customized, strategic training, whether done on-site or virtually, is a key piece of the puzzle that can help you change that scenario.

The Missing Opportunity

Most companies understand the importance of casting a wide net through internet and social media reach, the need to nurture and convert prospects into buyers, and the demand to move quickly in our ultra competitive market. They also see the value of data, at least in the abstract sense, as they closely monitor Google analytic reports and other measurements of marketing activity.

According to Richard Harris, the managing director at IQ for Business, “The problem has been, however, that equation is flawed. It’s when you take that data and you leverage it through powerful technology using skilled professionals – that’s where the value comes in and that’s what’s been missing.

Businesses are taking note of surveys that report statistics like 94 percent of employees would remain in the current places of employment with opportunities for learning. They understand that higher job satisfaction means less turnover and that better trained employees are more confident and happy in their positions.

Although there has been a general movement to greater appreciation and investment in training and professional development for all employees, that alone will not solve the underlying issues.

Unique Training is the Key

It’s abundantly clear that there’s a skills gap within martech. The question is how to best address that issue. Going back to our original analogy of the individual who doesn’t realize the full potential of a high-powered computer, we can envision that person watching the creation of complex web-based businesses, the calculation of complicated mathematical equations, or the design of intricately beautiful digital artwork. Simply seeing that these things can be done with the same computer doesn’t teach that individual how to do any of them. Providing an instruction manual or online tutorial might teach some of the basics, but sitting with a mentor who understands the interest, skills and goals of that individual will yield the greatest outcome.

Instead, find a partner who will take the time to understand your business, its short- and long-term objectives, its current resources, and its existing martech tools. You’ll want an expert in general and advanced administration of your selected technology, such as Marketo or Eloqua. In addition, select a company that can provide training in campaign planning, program design, marketing automation basics, and analytics. Our team at GNW Consulting provides a wide range of services including certification training, advanced admin training, and advanced integrations utilizing API, Webhooks and middleware platforms.

By engaging an experienced business-to-business or business-to-consumer consultant, you can better leverage technology software platforms such as Marketo, Eloqua, and Hubspot to truly optimize your entire martech system.

Components of Customized Training

Although on-site training has significant advantages in terms of boosting focus on the new material in a dedicated setting, you can also invest in virtual training programs that can provide training and guidance.

For instance, if you have already invested in Marketo or Eloqua, our team at GNW Consulting provides both on-site and virtual training to your sales and marketing team. We’ll walk everyone through processes, procedures and updates.

You may also want to conduct a marketing sensitivity analysis that can take a snapshot of your current campaigns, communications, content and outreach. This tool can help you pinpoint which of your marketing campaigns are most effective and exactly where engagement is occurring.

If you’ve already closed some successful sales, a customized program can help you delve into what happened on those sales journeys. Learn when and where those original prospects entered your sales funnel and study their journeys of engagement that resulted in a successful sale.

Once you’ve learned these and other details about your particular marketing and sales program, you can harness the power of your martech solutions to automate and repeat your successes and pare down weaker components. This may mean learning to automate something that works really well to expand your reach or teaching your sales team how to interpret lead scoring results to better inform their next set of sales calls.


There’s no doubt about it. Embracing martech solutions is becoming a staple of today’s marketing and sales programs. However, it’s important to always remember that possession is not nine-tenths of the law in this case. Owning the latest and greatest martech solutions will do no more for your marketing and sales efforts than possessing a state-of-the-art computer will do for an untrained individual. 

Partner with a company who can provide both technical marketing consulting, which will help you enable marketing automation software, outline detailed strategies, and develop an optimized lead lifecycle process, as well as strategic marketing consulting, which adds the all-important defined strategy and company-wide buy-in of expected outcomes.

By embracing this approach, you will better understand the capabilities of your martech solutions, have an in depth and well-thought-out business plan and process in place, and have a proven expert who can help you marry the two. Only then will you optimize your martech solutions and take full advantage of their capabilities for your unique business.