Tackle ‘Quiet Quitting’ with an Agency Partner

It’s becoming clear that the post-pandemic workplace has evolved in not-so-surprising new ways. A new wave of “quiet quitting” is in full bloom within the tech and marketing spaces, but quickly spilling over to multiple industries. So, what is defined as ‘quiet quitting?’ some say it’s a new name for an old behavior others say its a new workplace trend that will give way to older workers trying to re-enter the industry, but by definition it simply means: meeting your job description, but not going above and beyond for your workplace.

A Gallup report states that 67% of all US employees are quietly quitting, with the global trend far outpacing us.

Faced with burnout from the pandemic, growing stress from life’s demands and the pros and cons of virtual teams, employees are taking this approach to help maintain their stability and build boundaries between work and life. So, can you stop quiet quitting from affecting your modern marketing team structure? Finding talent is tough, and as an agency partner working across various industries, we’ve got a few ideas to help tackle quiet quitting.

How an agency partner can help support a ‘quiet quitting’ team:

  1. Boost Training
  2. Re-energize/Revitalize your Team
  3. Prioritize ‘Big Projects’ and provide recognition
  4. Listen to your employees and take a break!

Take this as an opportunity to train your team

Marketing processes are only as effective as your team training. Highly effective marketing teams don’t become successful without the right type of workplace training. Perhaps all they need is a new face to introduce some existing concepts. GNW Consulting works with teams to ensure every person on your ] has the knowledge and skills needed to be successful across marketing projects. How do we do this? To put it simply, we get to know your team, find opportunities for growth and expand your marketing team’s knowledge.

Sometimes employees don’t speak up about the things they don’t know, but having a third-person perspective can help you identify exactly what type of team training they need. Whether they’re looking for a more effective way to set up Marketo programs, or simply have questions about reporting, we’ve worked with teams to not just provide knowledge and tools, but also to support their goals so that they feel supported through the demands of any project.

“What teams need is support, they’re feeling the monotony of projects, projects and more projects, but bringing in a fresh approach through training is one of the best investments a company can make in its workforce.”

- Raja, GNW Consulting

We’ve conducted over 5,000 hours of user training to increase efficiency by aligning technology and strategy to not only help drive business goals, but to also build highly effective marketing teams. Don’t let employees continue to stay quiet about what they may not know, growing talent is all part of the process.

Energize your team by re-thinking how you work

As a process oriented organization, this can be a tough ask, but you should consider how your company is currently performing as whole. Are you overloading employees with tasks? What does employee retention look like these days? Quiet quitting happens because there is a clear disconnect between the employer and the employee regarding expectations. It isn’t about employees refusing to do their work, but rather not doing more work than necessary. So, are you asking employees to do work that is meaningful and necessary for your organization to succeed, or at the sneaky backseat tasks taking control?

We often recommend leveraging staff augmentation to help get your team some support. What does that look like? Our consultants come in and take on the projects that may be falling off the radar, we become an extension of your team and invest time to get to know them. This approach can help re-energize your team and bring some positive new approaches to existing problems.

All employees need to feel engaged at work and extra tasks or workplace burdens can often lead them to mentally disengage. We work with you to address the issues at hand and provide the short-term help that’s needed to help shake things up across teams.

“The interesting thing about ‘quiet quitting’ is that is doesn’t start quietly. Employees express concerns that managers fail to fix due to time constraints or inaction. Having a third-party point of view can help prevent the ‘quiet quitting’ cycle from perpetuating.”

- Raja, GNW Consulting

Help teams focus on big projects and recognize them for their skills

As we mentioned before, highly effective marketing teams are built on support, but they’ve also got particular skills that should be appreciated. Perhaps you hired a front-end developer to tackle a big project, but now their scrum board is filled with low-level development tasks, or, you hired that senior strategist to help launch new campaigns, but they can’t seem to get out of fixing issues in your CRM.

Employee satisfaction is all about making sure your team feels like they’re growing and working on projects that can truly challenge them. Expanding your team through our staff augmentation offering can help those highly specialized individuals clear their to-do list of all the clutter keeping them from truly doing work they love.

Not every employee has the same career ambitions, so make stepping up to finish a hot task optional, our team can step in at any time to relieve deadline stresses, so you can encourage employees to take on new challenges, test the waters and listen to the vision your teams have for the future.

“Relieving managerial burden through staff augmentation just makes sense. You don’t have to recruit someone just to clear the docket and burn another team member out, we step in where we’re needed, get the work done and everyone wins.”

- Raja, GNW Consulting

Listen to your employees and take a break

Quiet quitters are not slackers or chronic under-performers. As it turns out, they tend to be the disillusioned high-performers, your rockstar employees that suddenly pull back. This sudden drop in productivity or enthusiasm is a sure sign that employees don’t feel heard. This behavior simply means they need support or a break to recharge and reset. Offering marketing team support, so that they may step out and have work-life balance could be the key to ensuring you save that talent while keeping your business operating as usual.

Employees frame quiet quitting as a part of “setting boundaries” or “mental health,” so make sure you’re keeping your eyes and ears peeled for negative behavior, and prioritizing the wellbeing of your employees can help ensure they know how committed you are to solving workplace issues. By encouraging breaks, employees start to have workplace ebbs and flows which can break the monotony they feel and tackle feelings of overwork or blurred boundaries.

Bringing our team in to help provide that team relief is just one way you can maintain a healthy level of productivity while giving your team the support they’re looking for.

Tackle Quiet Quitting with GNW Consulting

Don’t let quiet quitting take your best talent, https://gnwconsulting.com/our-team/work with an equally skilled agency partner that can help augment your staff and tackle the pros and cons of virtual work.

We’ve helped over 700 clients build highly effective marketing teams. While we can’t stop the quiet quitting revolution, we can offer the support your team needs to overcome these modern workplace obstacles. Don’t wait another day to reach out, we’re ready to help when you need us.