The GNW Consulting Content Round-up

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  2. In Case You Missed These
  3. Our Biggest Wins (Bragging Rights Involved)
  4. Our Resource Library

To all of our marketing blueprint followers,

If you’re reading this, you’re truly on your way to putting an end to ineffective strategies. If you don’t know us well, yet, this is the perfect place to see what we’re all about. We’ve been in the business of data-driven marketing for over 30 years of collective experience.

Our consultants truly have a deep understanding of the MarTech space and are passionate about adopting technology to bring results to all of our clients. Beyond that, we’ve set out to create resources, assets and provide services to help our clients and readers alike.

While 2021 was a year for ADAPTATION, we made the best of it and proved that our problem-solving skills are second to none. We wanted to put a quick list of highlights and feature things you may have missed throughout the crazy year. So here it is, ICYM a great year of marketing insights.

Top Blueprint Content

Five Tips for Working from Home

Adapting to WFH required many adaptations and life changes. We provided a few of our own tips to help you make the most of the new hybrid work environment that will continue beyond our pandemic years.

Recipe for a Great Content Strategy

Did you know nearly 40% of marketers say a content marketing strategy is an integral part of their overall marketing plan? You seemed to really enjoy our recipe for a great content strategy (it was among our top two blogs in 2021!), so we recommend adding this to your reading list.

5 Ways Companies Benefit from Staff Augmentation

The Great Resignation has sent shockwaves throughout many industries, but the beauty of the agency model is our ability to adapt. This was a popular blog among our readers as it shares a few tips to help you overcome staffing shortages with the help of an agency.

In Case You Missed These

How Content Affects Marketing Automation

Content marketing is an important part of any automation strategy. Get some tips on how to format your content and focus on a strategy that works best for your automation instance.

After all, marketing automation and content marketing go hand-in-hand.

Intro to Multi-touch Attribution

Still unsure what multi-touch attribution really means? We set out to create a quick intro guide to help you draft a simple way to understand all of your marketing touchpoints and create an effective process to credit the right touchpoints across the customer journey.

Keys to Successful Lead Management

The biggest obstacle in the marketing and sales world is lead management. However, it is one of the most important steps in the process.

We decided it was important to share what we consider as our keys to successful lead management to help improve the overall health of your sales pipeline.

We Earned Some Bragging Rights

Used Marketo Engage to Host the First Virtual Event of its Kind

Our client, Altisource, reached out with concerns about the effect of the pandemic on their upcoming event. They had a month to make the event happen and were unsure if it would even be possible.

After a quick consultation with us, we knew we needed to leverage their Marketo instance to achieve everything they needed to host a fully-fledged virtual event in only 30 days. We created advanced segmentation and dynamic content for emails, designed a custom dynamic landing page, and executed a virtual experience in record time.

Read more about our exciting feat →

Tackled Staff Augmentation Alongside our Clients

We partnered with John Henry Foster to build an understanding of marketing operations within their organization. They wanted to make sure their marketing team had the staff needed to quickly scale their processes without having exiting roles in place. We helped by filling staffing gaps and increasing conversion rates by over 1000%.

Read more about how our services can help cover staffing gaps →

Increased Enrollment Rates by Using the Power of Marketo Engage

A Marketo instance is only as powerful as the strategy behind it. Through our partnership with UCI’s Division of Continuing Education, we conducted team training, implemented lead scoring, and optimized their instance to improve enrollment numbers and build revenue up to $1M.

Read the full EDU success story →

Our Resource Library

Last but certainly not least in the list of achievements this year was the creation of our resource library. From our full system audit to ensure your marketing automation instance is in top shape to our marketing assets, we’ve put together a robust list of marketing assets to help you kick off your strategic goals in no time.

Free eBook: Campaign Implementation

Need a little help figuring out what a successful campaign implementation looks like? Our experts have created a campaign implementation eBook to help you choose the right tactics across all audiences.

Your Guide to Strategic planning


Ready to develop a vision for your company? These 8 planning outlines are the perfect tool to help you guide your business toward the future. Create one forward-thinking vision in no time.

Quick Guide to Business Success

Time is the most important resource and sometimes it can be the biggest obstacle for strategy teams. We’ve created a 6-Minute Visual Guide to help you define your business goals and make efficient decisions to allocate resources for success.



We hope this content round-up can help you prepare and evolve your business toward success. We’re excited to help more clients, audit more systems, and create strategies that drive teams forward. We hope you’ll join us for the ride.

The GNW Consulting Team