Your 6-Minute Guide to Visual Strategic Planning

Strategic plans can make or break a business. In order to exceed expectations, you’ll need to focus on defining what your company wants to achieve, why and how. Strategic Planning goes beyond goal setting, so here are some tactics for you to look at when understanding your planning approach.

The Process of creating a Visual Strategic Plan begins with just 6 steps:

1: Propose a mission statement.

What is the mission of the business? This should be a clear, succinct statement about the company’s reasons for existing.

2: Propose goals.

Goals are things we intend to achieve. Not to be confused with objectives, which are the steps we take along the way toward achieving goals.

3: Examine internal issues.

Are there any internal changes you should make? Any mission-critical issues? Take a look at all your department dynamics.

4: Examine external issues.

How’s the competition? Is your industry fast to evolve or lagging behind? How’s the economy; is it affecting your business?

5: Summarize findings using SWOT.

Summarize by strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Being able to see what your business is facing can help you understand what tactics are needed to help you achieve objectives.


6: Formulate a strategy.

Your strategy is the overarching plan that considers unique competitive advantages and challenges and how you can use tactics to achieve objectives and crush goals.