5 Ways Companies Benefit from Staff Augmentation

When budgets and resources are scarce, it can be difficult to find the right talent to fill the roles your organization needs. Achieving business goals doesn’t come easy, but one way to make the most of your time and existing resources is by hiring an agency that offers staff augmentation services. 

By working closely with experts, you’ll be able to ensure you’ve got the tools you need to mitigate setbacks, optimize your team’s performance, and focus less on recruitment and training, so you can focus more on getting your projects done on time and at scale. In short, staff augmentation can help you fill knowledge gaps within your company, but here are a few additional benefits that often go overlooked. 

Mitigate Team Fatigue

Losing a team member can often create a lot of stress within your team. Rather than scramble to fill the role with existing resources, through staff augmentation, you can relieve some of the pressure by leveraging an agency to cover vacant roles. This can allow your team to stay focused on their tasks and projects, rather than stretch to cover the new gaps across your team.

One benefit of mitigating team fatigue is that you get more time to recruit the right person for the role. Training new employees is a big investment, and you should know that you’re identifying the right prospect for the job within your pool of applicants. Chances are, the agency you work with can learn the ropes and train your new employees, so you don’t have to worry about knowledge gaps and effective onboarding.

A New Set of Eyes

Being too close to a project can make your team miss the bigger picture. Focusing on the details is important, but having an objective audience to help you determine the impact of your work, your plans or your strategy can help ensure you’re always staying ahead of the curve.

Focusing on the work should be your priority, but being able to have someone with knowledge across competitors, tools and upcoming trends can give you a leg up and the fresh set of eyes you need to keep purpose in your perspective.

Taking your company to the next level is all about keeping an open mind and accepting your limitations, but bringing in an agency to help your team feel supported and heard can be the necessary critique needed to achieve every business goal in the queue.

Cultivating Creativity

The same environment can get stale and being innovative in the same sandbox is a tough expectation to set on your team. As we mentioned, bringing in a new set of eyes can help ensure you’re seeing the bigger picture, but it can also help your team think on their toes and in turn cultivate creativity. 

The right staff augmentation agency focuses on ensuring that repetitive tasks and extra duties are removed for your team so that they can focus more on solving new problems. Unlike hiring a new team member, hiring a group of experts can help bring in diverse thinking to your team, which in turn can help initiate positive change in your people, processes and projects.

Save Money

This one’s easy, but hiring an agency to fill in existing staffing gaps is can help reduce your personnel costs by about 50% Spending less on finding more talent can free up budgeting for other things like new tools, projects, or training that your staff augmentation team can help provide. 

Additionally, having the ability to increase or reduce staff on-demand will ensure you’ve got the right employees for the role. Appropriate staffing can make a difference in how your team integrates into work processes and keeping the right people in the right roles can optimize your workflows to ensure deadlines are successfully met.

Have a project that requires special skills not currently within your teams’ wheelhouse? Chances are, your staff augmentation agency can help you bring in the knowledge base you need to complete a project, then quickly scale back to allocate toward a new focus as needed, so you can scale your business freely without taking on financial risks.

One-Stop Solution

The benefits of augmenting your staff are truly unbeatable, but the most important aspect is that by working with an agency, you’ve got a one-stop solution to all of your business needs. Staff augmentations agencies have a diverse pool of experienced staff that has the knowledge to work on a variety of projects at a moment’s notice. 

No matter what you want to achieve, having a team that already knows the ins and outs of your platform, strategy or goals is an unbeatable benefit that can result in ultimate business efficiency. You also never have to worry about pivoting too fast, the right team will be prepared for any twists and turns along the way all while helping you identify roadblocks and challenges along the way.

No matter what goal or task you’ve got on your plate, GNW Consulting can help meet your staff augmentation needs through our variety of services. From marketing operations as a service to campaign development, our services are customized to your unique needs.  Don’t settle for performing less than your best, work with a team that can be the swiss army knife for your business operations.

Ready to Augment your Staff?

You’ll always be able to develop and follow the best path towards business success with the right knowledge, training, and set of hands. Focus on what you want to achieve and stay cutting edge with a team of experts who can keep up with market trends, sharpen up knowledge across your teams and perform difficult or time-consuming tasks.   We’ve helped businesses of all sizes create turnkey systems to help them achieve their project goals and business objectives. Get in touch to see how we can help you augment your staff for success.