Empowering Internal Teams through Marketing Operations

A Quick Look

  • 20 More Marketing Campaigns Compared to Previous Year
  • Over 5 Roles Filled Through Staff Augmentation
  • 1150% Increase In Conversions Q1-Q3

The Challenge

John Henry Foster (JHFOSTER) a leading distributor and service provider of automation and compressed air system, needed some help understanding the role of MOPs within their organization. Their main concern was ensuring that their marketing team had the staffing they needed to quickly and efficiently scale their marketing operations without having multiple existing roles in place.

Before GNW Consulting, (our Marketing Operations) were very cumbersome and messy…there were a lot of inherited processes that we had to audit and then flip to ensure we could find all of the errors across data inconsistencies and to increase our target audience.

Our Marketing Sensitivity Analysis

Our marketing sensitivity analysis uncovered many issues across their Marketo Engage instance and throughout their marketing operations as a whole. We identified the following areas of improvement and some staff augmentation solutions that could help resolve

  • Program Implementation
  • Design Standards Form
  • Best Practices Email
  • Nurturing Copy
  • Blog Writing
  • Data Connectivity

Marketo Program Architecture

One of the areas of improvement that JHFOSTER quickly wanted to bring up to speed was improving their Marketo program architecture. Their existing instance had untapped potential that was causing inefficiencies for their team.

JHFOSTER had a desire to set up a successful webinar program. They needed an agency and team who could walk them through the technical setup of the integrations to help them avoid complications.

Improving Design Standards & Form Best Practices

Streamlining their process quickly raised a lot of questions about how they could improve their emails and landing pages. Previously, creating a simple newsletter or email required at least 5 hours for production. It was a clunky process that required coding.

Email Nurturing and Blog Creation

With a few ad-hoc email sends and hands-on support, we helped revamp their nurturing strategy. Rewriting their copy and working closely with their team allowed us to support their copywriting and content creation efforts. This enabled JHFOSTER to create 20 new campaigns over the course of a year.

For me, I know it’s nice that I don’t have to think ‘is this campaign being taken care of from start to finish?’ GNW Consulting doesn’t just publish it, they teach us along the way and walk us through it so that we’re learning as we go, says Koester.

Improving Design Standards & Form Best Practices

An existing issue was the lack of KPIs trying back to conversion data. JHFOSTER needed true visibility into their marketing achievements within Marketo.  By setting up lead scoring, we created the ability for them to assign statuses to each opportunity within their pipeline. This enabled their teams to track revenue more efficiently and quickly. 

To read more about how our staff augmentation services helped JHFOSTER overcome common MOPs challenges, see our JHFOSTSER case study or contact GNW Consulting to learn more.