End-to-end Optimization of a Complete MarTech Stack

We partnered with UCI Division of Continuing Education to help them solve the key issue of enrollment, only to unveil a variety of challenges that resulted in the end-to-end optimization of their complete Martech stack. Logistically, they wanted to increase enrollment, but their existing process was not only ineffective but a complete headache for their teams. 

We were tasked with creating an action plan to optimize their Marketo and Salesforce instances and create the efficiencies needed to achieve their enrollment numbers.

Three Main Challenges

We started our process with a marketing sensitivity analysis to determine existing campaign performance. A lack of technology was not the root of the problem, nor was their marketing message. Here’s what we discovered as our 3 main challenges:

Challenge 1 – Create a gold standard for enrollment, not just among the UCI Division of Continuing Education, but across academia.

Challenge 2 – Diving deep into their Marketo instance revealed a slew of inefficiencies and gaps that needed to quickly, but efficiently be addressed.

Challenge 3 – Creating these efficiencies and gold standards will require us to equip the UCI Division of Continuing Education teams with the tools, knowledge and training needed to empower them to make the most of the tools at their disposal.

Improving their Ecosystem

Marketo was not the only tool they needed help leveraging. They had recently moved from their custom CRM to the Salesforce Higher Education Data Architecture (HEDA) model. We helped their legacy departments understand the power of their Martech stack and implemented efficiencies that allowed them to set-up efficient lead scoring. 

Our work ensured that UCI Division of Continuing Education could deliver the right message to the right prospect and at the right time. By creating flexibility with snippets and templates, we unlocked capabilities to help their marketing teams be as creative as possible. By improving the design of their communication tactics (email and landing pages) we were able to generate over $1M in revenue in addition to an increase in student enrollment and engagement.


Success from GNW Consulting’s partnership with UCI Division of Continuing Education helped position them as the gold standard for enrollment marketing within academia. Not only were we able to achieve an enrollment increase YoY of 1140+ students, but email campaigns boasted a 10% open rate and 8% CTR.  Additionally, success resulted in influential partnerships with both Adobe and UCLA

To learn more about how we accomplished this feat, read the UCI Division of Continuing Education case study.