Using Marketo to Create a Virtual Experience in Just 30 Days

The state of the world during the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated tech adoption more than ever. This “new normal” is much more than a cultural shift. Experts say that by 2025, businesses will face a slew of new challenges with the rapid expansion of technology, from tele-this to video-that it’s more important than ever to ensure your digital presence is impressive. 

When presented with rapid change, few businesses can truly rise to the occasion as Altisource did. With innovation as their guiding principle, this leading provider of services and tech for the mortgage and real estate industry had the vision to host a virtual event. Their goal was to be the first out of the gate. We set out to create their first-ever fully virtual Mortgage Industry Pandemic Summit (MIPS) in just 30 days.

The Task at Hand

Altisource are pioneers of change and true leaders in their industry, so being presented with this challenge was both exciting and enticing. We had to prioritize a few different goals to be able to achieve such a feat:

  1. Maintain a commitment to delivering vital and timely information
  2. Leverage the existing tech ecosystem needed to support 2,500 participants by only using Marketo
  3. Develop a full microsite and custom-built email templates with personalized email scripts
  4. Work fast and furious under a time crunch of 30 days since the idea was presented

We had to be ready to deliver on this specific vision quickly. An event of this type required meticulous orchestration, masterful audience segmentation, in-depth knowledge of the existing mar-tech stack and Marketo instance, but the biggest challenge of all was getting people to commit to attending an all-day virtual summit.

Working Toward End Goals

After outlining these priorities, we decided we simply had to get creative. The agenda covered everything from the current state of the mortgage industry to insightful roundtable discussions and even a lunch break with food partners delivering meals straight to the attendee’s door.

Our teams worked around the clock to deliver upon these goals with far-out customization in record time.


GNW Consulting enabled Altisource to be the first in their industry to host an all-virtual MIPS summit for 2,500 registrants with an average attendance rate of 68% throughout the day due to the creation of new program templates, personalization and segmentation. Additional post-event efforts such as The creation of a unique landing page template allowed them to qualify 612 additional registrants after the event. 
To learn more about how we accomplished this feat, download the Altisource case study