Case Studies

Discover how we leveraged our Marketo Engage Advanced Expertise to help Altisource technically execute a virtual event from start to finish in just 30 days, all within Marketo.

Download the case study to see how we helped fill their staffing gaps to increase their conversion rate by 1150%

By leveraging templates, segmentation, targeted messaging, and training sessions, we optimized UCI’s Marketo and SalesForce and increased revenue by $10M.

Ebooks and Guides

Our experts have delivered hours of customer user trainings and strategic planning sessions. This eBook will help you know your purpose, personalize your audience and choose the right tactics.

Strategic planning helps provide organizations the ability to create one forward-looking vision. GNW Consulting has put together 8 maps to guide your business towards the future. 

Strategic visual planning goes beyond goal setting, it is the framework for any business or organization to help define strategy, direction, decision making and resource allocation.

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